H-9700 SZOMBATHELY, Dr. Antall József tér 1.



Library director:
Dr. Márta Pallósi Toldi PhD
E-mail: ptmarta@mail.bdmk.hu
Telephone number: (36-94)513-530, Fax: (36-94)513-531



the General Meeting of Vas County and the  Municipality of Szombathely town
Year of foundation 1880
Organization a main library and 5 branches
Function The main library with the branches  make up a general public library providing complete and in conformity with the local/regional requirements various services;
          Depository library collecting copyright copies printed in Vas county;
          Archive library of Vas county;
-          Local history documentation centre of Vas county and Szombathely town;
          Research centre based on a public collection;
          Central library of the organization of public libraries maintained by self-governments  in Vas county;
          Basic library for national minorities and central library of the district of Szombathely;
          Educational library;
          Member library of the National Document Supply System;
          Depository of the publications of the Work Community Alps-Adria, the Goethe-    Institut and the British Council

Ground-space: 4,493 sq. m.
(1,702 sq. m. of that for public services)

The architect of the library, wich was opened on December 12, 1970, was László Medvedt. The building was renovated and extended in the years 2001/2002 by the aid of state subsidy.
Architects:               István Kiniczky
Ernőné Tölgyesi
Interior decorator:    Dr. Melinda Lábdy Fülöp


465,909 units, including 427,108 books and bound periodical volumes, 25,814 sound records, 1,807 videos, 309 electronic documents, 10,871 others as well as 643 titles of current periodicals
Special collection: „Savariensia” local collection


-   Alphabetical and subject catalogues of books, periodical publications,     sound records, videos, and filmstrips
          Bibliographical catalogue of the „Savariensia” collection, since 1991 computerized, too.
          OPAC of sound records since 1997, printed documents since 1999

Opening hours

Main library

Adult services and music-collection:
Monday              2.00 p.m. –  8.00 p.m.
Tuesday-Friday 10.00 a.m. –  8.00 p.m.
Saturday           10.00 a.m. –  5.00 p.m.

Children’s library:
Monday              2.00 p.m. –  6.00 p.m.
Tuesday-Friday 10.00 a.m. –  6.00 p.m.
Saturday           10.00 a.m. –  5.00 p.m.


                       Monday-Friday     8.00 a.m. - 8.00 p.m.
                       Saturday              8.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.


- Computerized loan of books, journal–volumes, sound records,       filmstrips, and videos via local network
-     Computer-aided reservation service
          Inter-library loan
          Reading-room with reference library
          Access to the Internet and use of text editor
          Reference service
          Programmes (lectures, conferences, exhibitions)
          Publications (current and retrospective bibliographies)
          Reception of central services (in traditional format and on magnetic disc)
services to disabled persons: lending service to housebound people with  home delivery of requested documents; lending of audio books and players

Own periodical


Vas megye irodalma
(Local bibliography and repertory of Vas county)
Vas Megyei Könyvtárak Értesítője
(Bulletin of the libraries in Vas county)
Vasi életrajzi bibliográfiák
(Serial bio-bibliography dealing with outstanding personalities of Vas county)


-          VAS”-Database (list of material dealing with Vas county) 1990-
          Vas megye irodalma (Local bibliography and repertory of Vas county) 1965-2000 (CD-ROM)
          Electronic catalogue
          Homepage with content provider: http://www.bdmk.hu

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